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Private Cloud with Microsoft solution


Microsoft  Private  Cloud  utilizes the core capabilities of  Microsoft  Windows Server Microsoft  Hyper-V,  and System Center to deliver a  private  cloud  infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) offering. The key software components of every  reference  implementation are Windows Server 2012 R2, Hyper-V, and System Center 2012 R2.  This solution also includes hardware  and software from other vendors such as Dell, IBM, Cisco,…

Virtualization Platform Microsoft Hyper-V

Virtualization technologies help customers' lower costs and deliver greater agility and economies of scale. Either as a stand-alone product or an integrated part of Windows Server, Hyper-V is  a  leading virtualization platform for today and the transformational opportunity with cloud computing.

With Hyper-V, it is now easier than ever for organizations to take advantage of the cost savings of virtualization, and make the optimum use of server hardware investments by  consolidating multiple server roles as separate virtual machines that are running on a single physical machine. Customers can use Hyper-V to efficiently run multiple operating systems, Windows, Linux, and others, in parallel, on a single server. Windows Server 2012  R2 extends this with more features, greater scalability and further inbuilt reliability mechanisms.


- Optimize resource utilization of server hardware with Dynamic Memory.

- Enhance the stability of virtual data center  through Live Migration capability.

- Manage virtual data center through integration with Powershell and System Center.

- Improve the efficiency and the ability to exploit the hardware for Hyper-V virtual machines to 64 logical processors.

- Virtual network performance is improved.

- Simplify the deployment of virtual servers and physical servers through the virtual storage disk.

Administrative Tools Microsoft System Center

System Center suite of solutions allows to provide a Private Cloud service through data center services with reasonable costs in a unified suite of products.


- The ability of management flexibility and comprehensive (end-to-end) data center infrastructure virtualization and important business applications through centralized resources and automation.

- Optimize data center services on virtual machines, applications, and other services through the expansion of Microsoft technologies which customers have invested.

- Improve the reliability of the services through standardized data center management processes was certified.

- Enhance the adaptation of professional IT services through self-service; while allowing IT has complete control of data center resources.

- Allow greater flexibility in environmental administration of data center which is heterogeneity of platforms and virtualization (multihypervisor, multi-platform).

Self Service Portal

The Self-Service Portal in System Center 2012 – Service Manager is a SharePoint website that is accompanied by a set of Microsoft Silverlight applications. The Self-Service Portal consists of two elements: a SharePoint website and a web content server. It allows IT manage resource requirements of specialist departments and allocate dynamically follow automation process.


- Respond centralized management and resource allocation for the operational departments on the needs of change.

- To allocate, confirm and quickly withdraw resources

- Manage the needs to use computing  of  operational departments based on requirements and resources are allocated.

- Improve the efficiency of administering virtual machines  with the ability to allocate resources through self-service interface.

Microsoft Private Cloud solution is the only comprehensive solution helps provide the services to deploy applications, not only deploying virtual machines. With Microsoft cloud computing solutions, quality of services and performance to meet the application are located in a central location.

Microsoft Private Cloud solution uses in-depth knowledge to manage applications, use, coordination and automation of service management. For Microsoft, the application will control the resources such as virtual machines, storage and memory, whereas other solutions of other partners interested only in the management of resources rather than focusing on what most important is bring business value through the application.

Microsoft has a comprehensive approach to put the needs of the organization before any specific technology. Whether organizations are using many different hypervisor platform or  different infrastructure, the Microsoft software can integrate them together and joint management .

Only Microsoft solution provides management tools, identity, and common development tools can work on both the environment Public Cloud and Private Cloud. This feature gives organizations the ability to manage an application in the best way even if the application is placed on any cloud, so that will bring the greatest business value.

Because it's built on the software products and applications familiar to Windows users so Microsoft's Cloud Private solution quite friendly, ease of use, operation and system administration.

With the reasonable policy of software copyright, Microsoft Private Cloud solution help organizations save cost so they can have access to advanced Cloud Computing technology in the world, meet the strictest requirements at most reasonable cost.​

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