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Account Receivable
Account Receivable

Account Receivable

AccNetBA will help you to supervise selling goods and services, collecting sales, dealing with returns, selling at a discount, deducting debts on an invoice by invoice basis  …​

The sales management module deals with selling domestic products, selling exports, selling through agencies, selling for cash, selling on credit, selling at a discount, selling returns, selling with gifts ...

Aside from dealing with credit levels and payment periods on a customer by customer basis, the sales management module issues warnings when sales data exceed prescribed levels. It also manages debt analysis reports and sales analysis reports ... You can supervise debts by account, invoice or group, determine the age of accounts receivable and be flexible about payment periods.

Analyze sales by using criteria like product codes, contracts, customers, salespeople, regions, provinces or cities…

Automatically update selling prices from the latest invoices and enter them in price lists..

Manage lists of services and print service reports.

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