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Enterprise Management Software - AccNetERP

AccNetERP is a comprehensive management solution for enterprises, which can support them through purchasing, inventory, sales and financial management. 

AccNetERP develops major functions with diversity and advantages to meet the purpose of use:

- Directly provide the managers with the reliable, timely and sufficient information that help make quick and efficient decisions.

- Increase inventory control.

- Ensure the uninterrupted information that helps reduce the duplication process, time-and manpower-saving.

- Closely control the revenue & expenses, make deeply analysis that help managers find the cause and reasonable solution to the problems

- Provide full and complete reports such as financial statements, tax reports, management reports.

- Low cost investment with quick returns.

- Strong service implementation team (over 50 persons) successfully served 5,000 customers from all types of business activities.

Overview of Interface-AccNetC for ERP Trading.JPG 


Apart from AccNetERP, Lac Viet also offers 03 accounting management solutions based on the needs of enterprises as follows:

  • Accounting software AccNetiZ (for small companies)
  • Accounting software AccNetC (on cloud)
  • Business accounting software AccNetBA (on-premise)
Find more about AccNet at:  ​​​
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