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Consultancy and Implementation
Consultancy and Implementation

Consultancy and Implementation

CMMI-based management

The implementation of Lac Viet information technology projects is carried out in the following order:


Phase 1: Envisioning

  • Besides determining what customers want and require, consultants help them understand the risks, challenges and benefits from the information system.
  • Evaluate the feasibility of the project in question, determine financial benefits before and after the implementation of the new system.

Phase 2: Planning

  • Both parties describe and analyze requirements, set conditions in the tables of specifications and schedules.
  • Consultants find out about requirements and current processes, then propose future processes for the new system.
  • Analyze the differences after the implementation and describe the benefits coming from the new system.
  • Form the joint project team. Establish policies on project management, communications management and implementation methods.

Phase 3: Developing

  • Installation on a trial basis.
  • System configuration
  • Draw up a document about the system configuration and a user manual.
  • Construct possible scenarios.
  • Classify users into groups: Managers, key users, end users.
  • Train the first two groups in operating the system and help the second group (key users) train end users. Technical consultants will develop more features within the project.

Phase 4: Stabilizing

  • Conduct the first trial run, use the results to adjust the system configuration and processes.
  • Conduct the second trial run, compare the results with the requirements.
  • Correct errors to optimize resources.
  • Run the system officially (consultants will offer technical assistance on request).
  • Help users check official data, compare the results with the previous system.

Phase 5: Delivery

  • Consultants will deliver the user manual, all the documents about project management, business processes, technical specifications and train local IT experts in operating the new system.
  • In the initial stage, consultants continue technical assistance by phone, fax, e-mail or on-site.
  • Customers master the system and processes, so the project is finished.

Main steps in the implementation of software projects:

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Lac Viet always maintains strict quality control processes to gain customer satisfaction. This superiority has been proved by many successful projects of Lac Viet. 
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