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Management Consultancy

Our management consultancy and technical assistance include the following:

Consultancy related to IT strategies: Plan reasonable investment in IT in accordance with your long-term/short-term strategies so that you can use your budget effectively and your IT system can help to improve your production capacity considerably.

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Consultancy related to IT infrastructure: Technicians of Lac Viet have implemented the system on 2,000 networks and modern buildings. They always show "good quality and enthusiasm", always provide modern, professional and cost-effective solutions.

Consultancy related to ERP solutions and enterprise restructuring in accordance with the long-term/short-term strategies of an enterprise.

Consultancy related to the implementation of ERP projects to build bridges between customers and suppliers and ensure that the system is implemented according to plan.

Consultancy related to the maintenance and upgrade of an ERP system to optimize business processes and ensure data inheritance as well as data integrity.

Consultancy related to the integration of stand-alone applications to ensure that they are used effectively at all levels of an enterprise.

Consultancy related to the "business intelligence" system through balanced scorecards (BSC) to show the "internal force of an enterprise" in business, finance, production and enterprise resources... 

Technical assistance and maintenance 

Once business requirements are fulfilled, technical assistance and maintenance prove very important. Good technical assistance will help end users to operate the system effectively, thus affecting whether they recommend Lac Viet to their connections or not. Technical assistance and maintenance for Lac Viet – SureHCS will be provided by phone (hotline), e-mail, on-site … Software programs carry a free one-year guarantee. They still get maintained, upgraded the following years and updated when there are amendments from the government. These services will answer all customers' questions about how to operate the system effectively at any time. Technical consultants for Lac Viet – SureHCS are highly qualified and have been reputed to be enthusiastic and conscientious.

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