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Salary Calculation

Salary Calculation

Salary calculation for enterprises

No need for initial investment - Negligible monthly expenses - Quickness, timeliness and completeness

What are the difficulties confronting an enterprise?

Cut-throat competition requires enterprises to reduce administrative and labor costs to the minimum. To develop business, they cannot help hiring such services as human resource management, accounting… In that context, salary calculation services develop very rapidly and are currently provided by many consultancies on the market. 


Most consultancies calculate salaries and send results by e-mail.

There has been no online software to help enterprises manage their human resources, verify their wage costs and candidate information when necessary.

There have been no means of communication to help employees interact with their company anytime and anyplace. Administrative and labor costs must be lower than before.

Data are not fully provided when customers decide to invest in ERP software.

Benefits for enterprises

      Employee satisfaction:

  • Employee benefits are always paid on schedule.
  • Ensure strict compliance with the Labor law of Vietnam. 
  • Ensure peace of mind when there is any change to the regulations on labor, social insurance and personal income taxation from the Vietnamese government.
  • Make it possible to access the Human resource portal anytime and anyplace.
  • Inform each employee about company policies quickly, accurately and completely.
  • Provide online human resource services for annual leave, overtime, reporting, workflows, payslips, personal information updates...
  • Help managers supervise workloads and take timely measures.

          More effective human resource management:
  • Help to establish effective policies for human resource development and employee benefits to attract, maintain and develop a good workforce.
  • The modern software system for human resource management can be used online anytime and anyplace without installation, data input and software investment cost.

          For managers:
  • Human resource information will be updated on mobile devices.
  • Company policies will be promulgated in a timely manner.

    Provision of useful services

          Application of human resource procedures
  • Inform the Department of labor, war invalids and social affairs about every increase or decrease in human resources.
  • Have employees' taxpayer identification numbers registered.
  • Sign and manage labor contracts as defined in company policies.

         Reporting on personal income taxation
  • Report on monthly income taxation.
  • Report on annual income taxation.
  • Determine annual personal income to calculate taxes.
  • Pay taxes on behalf of the company
  • Give tax refunds.

          Salaries and bonuses
  • Calculate salaries for employees
  • Make payrolls and payslips
  • Make bank transfers for each employee.
  • Calculate bonuses for employees.
  • Pay salaries and bonuses for employees

    Reporting on mandatory insurance
  • Register for the issue of new social insurance records and health insurance cards
  • Report on the payment of mandatory insurance premiums on a monthly basis
  • Report on the extension of health insurance cards
  • Report on convalescence, sick leave, maternity leave
  • Complete the formalities related to social insurance records and health insurance cards

    You will choose us because

    We are aware that:

    - Employee satisfaction is heavily dependent on clear, exact and timely benefit policies for employees.

    - The management and application of benefit policies are sensitive and require strict confidentiality for each employee.

    - Companies must strictly comply with the law in the use of their human resources.

We have at our disposal:

Consultants who are experienced, enthusiastic, driven by business ethics and always ensure the timeliness and quality of service.

In addition, there is a modern software system for human resource management. Developed for over 12 years, it ensures maximum security and is currently used by more than 150 customers. The latest prize for this system is Sao Khue 2013.

Contact us to get the best services at the lowest cost and with the higher values than present-time providers.

We are ready to give you free advice about how to choose from a wide range of human resource services, how to buy or hire software programs (even though they are not ours) so that you acquire a suitable solution for your current enterprise!

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